With so many different styles of cabinet pulls, there are tons of different uses for them outside of your household cabinetry! When you're in the mood for some DIY crafting, cabinet pulls can be used to create some very unique and convenient items that you'll use regularly. Here are 5 awesome projects to consider this weekend that will add personality to any room of your home.

  1. Closet Storage

Does your closet need more storage? Underneath your closet shelving, install long bar pulls. These can hold several hangers at a time, which can dramatically create more space in your closet. Depending on the type of bar pulls you choose, your closet will get a modern facelift and a trendy antiqued look.

  1. Serving Trays

Everyone loves an aesthetic serving tray for drinks and charcuterie at dinner parties. Find a nice piece of solid wood for this project. This can be a raw piece that you'll sand and finish on your own, or an old serving tray in need of an upgrade. Then, find some cabinet pulls that complement the color of the wood. Choose a finish like silver, bronze, or even black. Not only are these trays great for your home, but they make for excellent gifts!

  1. Key Holders

Instead of keeping a bowl of miscellaneous things at your front door, you can use cabinet pulls to hang your keys on. This can be as simple as a few unfinished wood drawer pulls painted to match your entryway colors! Install them directly onto your walls or create an entire wood-backed piece with T-bar pulls and bar pulls to not only hold keys, but keep mail, bills, and more organized.

  1. Towel Hooks

Ditch the unsightly over-the-door towel hanger and install two or three cabinet pulls in your bathroom to hang up your towels. Choose hardware that matches your other bathroom hardware for a streamlined, clean look.

  1. Miscellaneous Uses

There are countless uses for cabinet pulls all throughout your home that, with just a bit of inspiration, can really change the look of your décor. Many have used them for a customized look for storage jars, wine stoppers, curtain hangers, jewelry organizers, and so much more.

So, where to find the right cabinet pulls for your DIY projects? Right here at Direct Door Hardware! From crystal to metal and horizontal, knob, and vertical styles, you can find any type of cabinet pull in our inventory to create some incredible things in your home.