width= "When it comes to choosing door hardware for your home, we know you've got lots of options. Plain or fancy. Brass or nickel. Modern or traditional. If you're looking for something that's a little bit different with quality that will last and last, Nostalgic Warehouse doorsets offer the ideal blend of modern function and vintage sparkle. Nostalgic Warehouse has a wide range of vintage door hardware products. Whether you are looking to replace antique door knobs, or give your new home a vintage look; Nostalgic Warehouse has hardware that will last a long time and a great look. Set your home apart from the rest with Nostalgic Warehouse vintage door hardware products.  See also our large selection of antique hardware from Grandeur, Emtek and Brass Accents."" Nostalgic  Warehouse is probably the most popular of the antique hardware. There is a wide selection of that vintage style you may be looking for. These knobs are great for replacing the old antique skeleton key type door knobs (aka mortise locks), because those antique doors wont fit just any door knob. Nostoalgic Warehouse is also great for if you love that vintage look for your new home. There are also tons of door knobs that look vintage but fit the standard prep doors. You can find pretty much any type of antique hardware with Nostalgic Warehouse, from antique handlesets down to a vintage style door stop. Grandeur Door Hardware is another line from Nostalgic Warehouse. It has a lot of the vintage style but with a modern function. Emtek's antique selection is another high quality hardware that will last and last. The variety of styles may be a little more scarce, as the options are narrowed down to either crystal or porcelain styles. Brass Accents antique selection is where you will find all of the solid brass styles. Each one of the Brass Accents antique style door knobs have their own intricate detail and design which makes them classic.