What is a door closer? Door closers are what you see on doors of almost any building. It's what makes a door close behind you safely after entering a restaurant, restroom, or any room pretty much in a public building. It's something so simple, but also such a great and helpful tool. What do you need to know about door closers? When looking for door closers it's important to know that each door closer may be specifically designed for different applications. These each may be made for different purposes such as, matching the door closer with different door dimensions and it would be a good idea to figure out about how many people will be using the door. You can choose door closers that are more lightweight or more heavy duty or that are made from different metals like aluminum, bronze, and brass. There are also different design options like for example some are more obvious and some may be more hidden. When doors are used a lot, it would be good to install a heavy duty door closer for the application with an ANSI grade one (which basically means its the highest grade, or most heavy duty grade rated by the ANSI agency). More use means it needs to be more heavy duty to stand up to the abuse. Another thing is to make sure that the door closer is ADA compliant, which stands for The Americans with Disabilities Act and this law provides requirements and rules to make it safe and easy for the elderly and people with disabilities. Door closers need to meet ADA requirements of strength and size. To be ADA compliant, an interior door can not open with an opening force of more than 5 pounds. So it's good for the door closers to have less pressure to make it easier for anyone to open and close doors. For fire exit doors, looking under UL listed hardware would be the best. UL listed door closers are tested and meet safety requirements in case of fire. In other words it will maintain its integrity longer. Most buildings usually require UL listed for a 3 hour fire. And it may be a good thing to look into getting door closers with electric sensors to make sure the doors open permanently if needed. It's absolutely necessary to the NFPA 101 life safety code when ordering for fire doors.  
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