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Cable railing is the popular thing right now for homes. Inside or out. This railing is mainly installed in a lot of the modern style homes now and it's subtle, but oh so amazing looking. I'm diggin' it. It's all about clean and simple, which goes with anything and everything. So now that cable railing is getting to be more popular, we added some cable railing parts to the site so you can get a good start on maybe attempting to do it all yourself. So far we carry quite a few cable railing parts, check it out.  width=

Stainless Steel Cable

 width= Wire rope strand, made of either galvanized or stainless steel wire.  width= Aluminum hourglass sleeves to help hold the wire rope securely in place. There are many different methods for installing cable railing, but generally you will need at least one aluminum sleeve on each end of every section of wire rope  width= Several different types of thimbles, such as standard, heavy duty stainless steel, heavy duty galvanized, or standard stainless steel. Cable railing installation methods vary, but generally you will need two of these for every section of cable on your rail  width= Stainless Steel Closed Body Turnbuckle Jaw/Eye, which are great for a variety of applications where you need a closed eye on on end and jaw on the other. The Closed body turnbuckle is easily adjusted. Please let us know if there is something you need but can't find by contacting us.