" width= Emtek has come out with a brand new product, White Bronze finish. This beautiful new finish is available for the sandcast bronze passage, privacy, and dummy sets, most entry sets and deadbolts. White Bronze is a new material for Emtek. Brand new! It was released just this September 2012. "There was a great deal of excitement here when we were finally able to unveil our first White Bronze products to the world," Emtek says, "it was a culmination of many months of hard work. While this material is new for us, we've worked with bronze itself for many years. It is only fitting that we have done so, because bronze has been used by humankind since 3,600 B.C (Wikipedia.com)..." Apparently there is a whole era named after the bronze material, called The Bronze Era. The use of copper or bronze was only the most stable and therefore the most diagnostic part of a cluster of features marking the period (Wikipedia.com). This material was used in many places before arriving to America, such as ancient Egypt, Asia, and Europe. Bronze allowed for the creation of tools, weapons, armor and more. Bronze was sturdier than their stone or copper. Soldiers fought with bronze swords, Egyptian Pharaohs were paid homage with bronze statues and headpieces and many of ancient Greece's famous sculptures were cast in bronze. There are 2 reason's that Bronze is still used today, says Emtek, "Durability and beauty. For all the time that has past, bronze still holds up as one of the best materials for casting.  Many techniques used in days of old are still in place today. We€™ve found ways to be more energy efficient and create less waste, but the tried and true ways of shaping and polishing bronze hold steady. When we send out an Emtek door hardware set, the expectation is for that product to last our customer for many years to come." A great way to compliment the new White Bronze door hardware, Emtek hinges in the new polished nickel finish!  
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