I got looking around Brands and such and thought K2 Commercial Hardware by Stanley hasn't been talked about yet and this would be a good time to read up on it. Under "About Us" on K2's site you'll read their strategy, mission, vision,  and why the K2 name and these things are good to know when trying to find a really good brand. K2 Commercial Hardware's strategy and mission is to be the best out there and easy to do business with. Stanley Black & Decker Hardware & Home Improvement is a leading global provider of architecturally inspired building products, innovatively designed to improve the places where people live and work. Why the K2 Name? This is the story: When the BDHHI (Black & Decker Hardware & Home Improvement) commercial hardware team set out to name the new brand, they wanted a name that would mean not only strength and durability, but also beauty. And, of course, the name had to be something that was easily remembered in an already mature marketplace. Finally, it had to pass legal €“ perhaps the biggest hurdle of all. The team toyed with names like Paramount and Viking, but neither stuck. As the deadline for a name loomed, the team brainstormed what the brand was really about:
  • Best in class
  • Premium design and quality at a value price
  • Simplification of the customer experience (easy to do business with)
  • Operational excellence
  • Suite of designs €“ "architecturally pleasing"
  • Grade 1 €“ solid cast
  • Industry best lead times
  • And more
Competitors were evaluated and their brand names noted. All sorts of names were put on a list and debated. Still, nothing seemed right. The team was tasked with finding even more alternatives. Then one name made the list that seemed right. K2. This was a name that had multiple meanings. Not only is it the name of arguably the toughest mountain in the world to climb €“ even tougher than Everest by many accounts €“ it€™s a magnificent mountain, rising to a greater vertical height relative to its neighboring summits than Everest. Its beauty is awe-inspiring, its power daunting. But if you are lucky enough to conquer this majestic summit, the exhilaration of being part of K2 is said to be indescribable. K2 stands for everything BDHHI€™s commercial brand is about €“ strength, durability, beauty, rising above, best in class. And the K2 name conveniently fit for another reason as well. Since K2 commercial hardware is part of the Kwikset family, K2 stands for the next generation of Kwikset €“ one that will become as legendary as the original Kwikset brand.   Sources: About Us, k2commercialhardware.com, Weiser Lock - under Product Series