Do you have a Skeleton Key Type Mortise Box?

You may know what that is, but if you don't... GRRREAT! Because I can show you.

A skeleton key type mortise box looks like this...


Requiring a certain prep for your mortise door, it slides right in.


The more modern doors are prepped like this...




And the tubular latch would slide in the cross bore of the door. But that's another post in it's self.


The skeleton key type mortise box is for those old fashioned doors. You know, like the one's with the crystal  or porcelain knobs and the key hole you can spy through, with those sweet skeleton keys. Yeah, those!

We carry brand new replacement hardware for those type of doors.

Like this one...



See more here. Or go under antique hardware on our site.

So, if you need some replacement antique hardware, we've got you covered. We even carry the mortise boxes. If you have the modern or standard door prep with the tubular latches like we talked about and want that antique look, don't worry, we have that too! (Click here)