No matter who you are or what you do, you probably come into contact with a lot of doors every single day. It's not something we often think about, but now that you’re wondering: how many door knobs do you use a day, or even in your average 8-hour workday? On an average day, how often do you think you use door hardware? The number of ways and times you come into contact with door knobs is a more than you might think!

Let's run through an average workday scenario to see just how beneficial functioning door hardware can be in our daily lives.

For someone who works a desk job at an office, your day likely starts with a blaring alarm. You'll hop out of bed and head for the bathroom, where you'll encounter door knob #1. Once you're in the bathroom, there are several levers, knobs, and handles that will undoubtedly be touched – you will likely reach for the shower door as well as several cabinets and drawers as you go through your daily routine and get ready for your workday. The dummy knobs and pulls on cabinets and drawers make up a large portion of the hardware that you touch throughout this process.

FUN FACT: Dummy knobs or dummy hardware stays in place with screws and doesn't latch, but is exceptionally helpful when you need something to hold onto, making it easier to open doors and drawers.

Migrating from the bathroom to the kitchen leads to another set of knobs. Whether you prepare your coffee to-go or a well-balanced breakfast, chances are good you'll be reaching for the cabinets. The complexity of your meal combined with your time spent in the kitchen will determine precisely how many knobs you encounter before your morning commute, but the limit is going to be based mostly on the square footage and layout of your kitchen cabinets as well as your pantry closet or storage.

If you’re the last to leave or live alone, it is good practice to check all the access doors as part of a morning routine to ensure your home is secure while you’re away. This might include the basement doors, a door off the back porch, garage man door, side doors, and any others at the ground floor or lower which, if left unlocked, may provide outsiders with easy access to your home. When it's time to hit the road, you'll check and lock your front door and head out!

FUN FACT: Unless you have a luxury handleless car, the next pieces of door hardware you’re most likely to encounter are the car door handles as you climb into your car and start your drive to work. Although a car door handle is different in appearance than your average doorknob, its purpose allows it to fall into the same category.

Once you arrive at your office building or place of work, door hardware will be ever present throughout your workday. Assuming you work in a typical office work space, you'll be pushing and pulling handles, turning and twisting door knobs all day long as you make your way to and from meetings and various locations within the building. Don’t forget about the times you need to open and close desk drawers, filing cabinets, or breakroom cabinets, too.

After a long day at the office – assuming it’s not a happy hour Friday – you'll be headed back home, eager to unwind from your workday. Depending on how you left, you’ll have keys ready to unlock, or hands ready to enter the security combo on the keyless entry of your front door, or maybe you use the garage door opener and walk in through a pedestrian door.
If your home chef efforts are dependent on the type of workday you had, or your evening’s social activities, there may be a wider variation in the number of door knobs left in your day. If you've had a long day, it's probably easiest to open the fridge door, grab some leftovers, open the door of your microwave, and heat that up for dinner.

Even with minimal dishes to clean up, there may be a few household chores you choose to save for the end of the day or before bed, so you wake up to a clean home or clean room ready for whatever the next day brings. After some time to work out, catch up with family, read, or watch TV, finally, it’s time for the evening skin care routine in the bathroom before bed. Like you were during your morning routine, you’re sure to be reaching for several levers, knobs, and handles on the bathroom cabinets and fixtures.

As you can see, door hardware plays a huge role in our everyday lives without us even realizing it! Though your day may look very different than the scenario above, it is likely filled with dozens of instances of opening and closing doors with the help of door knobs, pulls, levers, handles, and hinges. So, how many door knobs do you think you use a day?