Handrail brackets are are a pretty popular item on our site. There are several to choose from, but I wanted to go over the 3 that are modern in style and most popular. These 3 modern style handrail brackets are made by Linnea. Linnea carries stylish hardware that are made of steel, and they are also great quality.

The 3 Modern Styles to Choose From:

The Linnea HRB 10



The Linnea HRB 11


The Linnea HRB 12


The Finishes and Rosettes to Choose From:

So you can see now how stylish and modern Linnea's handrail brackets are, right? You can choose from satin stainless or polished stainless steel finishes for any of the 3 shown above.

What about the rosettes? If you aren't fond of one of the rosettes, let's say for instance you don't really care for the square rosette (like the square rosette shown with the HRB 12 above) you can choose the round rosette (like the one shown on the HRB 10 and 11) instead.

What are the Different Mounting Types?

It's really important to choose the correct mount depending on what type of surface you are trying to mount to. There are 3 different types: First is the Surface mount type, which is the most common type, because most stairs have a wall or something that is solid to mount the handrail to. For example, if you are trying to mount the handrail brackets to studs on a dry walled wall or wood deck posts or decorative hardwoods, then go with this style of mount. Second is the Concrete mount type, which is pretty self explanatory. There are times where you just need to mount a handrail directly to a concrete wall and this is exactly the style of mount you will need to do so. Last but not least is the Glass mount option. Linnea knows exactly what's needed for anything modern and with modern you can find glass walls and such, so in comes Linnea to the rescue. This type of handrail bracket can be mounted to glass in a stylish modern way.