Emtek is for sure one of the more popular brands on our site. It offers super excellent quality and you can be sure to see top of the line design hardware. Mick De Giulio, featured on House Beautiful magazine, must have recognized this, as his interior design of a kitchen was part of the 2012 Kitchen of the Year event! The kitchen featured Emtek Georgetown Crystal Cabinet Knobs on all of the cabinet drawers and cabinets in the amazing kitchen. I think it was Emtek's honor to show off their delicate crystal Georgetown knobs that add a bit of class to the entire room. These knobs were a perfect touch to make a clean design for the kitchen of the year.  


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For a full tour of the beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2012, visit HouseBeautiful.com

The 1,000 square foot glamorous kitchen (that was showcased in New York's Rockefeller Center) has everything you could ever dream up, such as sparkling tile, glass (Emtek Georgetown) cabinet knobs, a bold sink with a pop of color, top of the line appliances, open shelving, sleek dining area, spacious butlers pantry, even a gathering space near the kitchen with a cozy fireplace and furniture.

If you like Emtek's Georgian cabinet knob (like shown above), you can also find many more designs of cabinet hardware. I'm serious, there are over a 150 of cabinet knobs by Emtek, and that's just cabinet knobs and just by Emtek! All unique! If you aren't a cabinet knob fan, then be sure to check out all of Emtek's cabinet pulls (220 + pulls), which also come in a huge variety of designs. Rustic, modern, antique, you name it! After you choose you are going with either the knobs or the pulls, then there is the material they are all made up of, such as solid brass (which is probably the most common - smooth material and pretty much offers any finish color), sandcast, wrought steel, crystal/glass, and porcelain!

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