We offer the finest quality door hardware and locks from the most trusted brands in the business. In addition to being experts in residential door hardware, we also provide an expansive selection of commercial door hardware. Our selection of door hardware includes an impressive array of commercial door handles, levers, locks, and more. We also carry a wide range of sleek and stylish commercial-grade hardware options that work well for any type of business. Read on for more information about Direct Door Hardware commercial options and offerings.

Lever handles are a standard professional option for any project. We offer a variety of levers that will allow you to secure more of your assets with fewer resources, offering a considerable degree of flexibility no matter how you choose to employ it in your business. Consider the Schlage ALX-Series, one of the more popular models of handlesets. The Schlage ALX-Series has undergone the rigorous commercial Grade 2 tests and has held up every time with amazingly consistent results. They are specifically designed to protect what’s important from any manner of vandal or burglar. One might consider a more general approach with any of our emergency egress handles and levers that unlock automatically when the inside handle is turned. In addition, we have several other options for other types and styles of lever handlesets in our catalog at a variety of price points, and we invite you to browse our collection to find the right one for your needs.

Kickplates are a handy accessory for any door expecting to experience lots of foot traffic. If you’ve grown tired of black marks, scratches, and dents appearing at the bottom of your doors after years of use, a kickplate will protect against them. There are a multitude of kickplate finishes that we offer to fit all sorts of preferences. We have options from Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Nickel, weathered materials, and many, many more to protect your door from the elements, human or otherwise.

Door Closers
Door closers are a staple device found in many commercial buildings. Door closers, as the name implies, help keep doors closed and expensive conditioned air in, making the building more energy-efficient and ultimately saving you more money. Additionally, a properly installed door closer can help protect your door from slamming, lengthening the life of both the door, the hinges, and the frame, further protecting your investment. Come see our long list of door closers and choose some that would be best for your building.

Exit Devices
In adhering to high standards of safety and efficiency, we offer a selection of exit devices engineered to work for you. When it comes to levers, vertical rods, and panic bars, our selection stands above the rest. Consider a panic bar for your next project, allowing anyone to pass through a secured entry without the need for gripping a handle. In addition to making your exits safer and more accessible, they are also a huge benefit when loading and unloading or getting large deliveries.

Direct Door Hardware is Here to Help
Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing you with the best door hardware and support around. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries you may have about our products.