When updating or replacing door hardware in a children's day care center, it can be a challenge finding the right balance between safety and convenience.  Something secure, yet easy to operate is essential.  Maybe your Fire Marshall or Building Inspector is requiring a specific kind of lock.  If regulations require locks on all exit doors to release upon turn of the knob or lever, our 5.5 Inch Center-to-Center Interconnected Commercial Locksets are the perfect fit.  Also in accordance with most state and local regulations, there is no key or special knowledge/effort required to operate these locks when exiting a building.  Even when the door is locked from the outside with a key, or from the inside with a thumbturn, all you need to do is push the lever down or turn the knob to exit the building.  These lock sets are equipped with an interconnect device between the knob/lever and the deadbolt, requiring a single action to unlock both simultaneously.  Once out of the building, it does not lock behind you making it a quick, easy exit without locking anyone out.  Virtually a panic-proof lock for both children and staff. If you are updating or renovating a children day care center, our 5.5-inch CC Interconnected Locksets such as the locks pictured below, are the ideal hardware replacements. Kwikset 508 Interconnected Lock with Hancock Knob 5.5 CC - Light Commercial Kwikset 508 Interconnected Lock - Shown in Satin Chrome with Kingston Lever - Light Commercial EzSet 5.5 Inch CC Interconnected Commercial Lockset  width= EzSet 5.5 Inch CC Interconnected Commercial Lockset These locks require standard door preparation, which most doors already have.  In other words, the distance between the centers of the two bore holes on the door measures 5.5 inches.  So not only are these locks sleek and efficient, they also fit the most common door preparation out there. You can view these, as well as the rest of our Standard Interconnected Commercial and Residential Locksets here: https://www.directdoorhardware.com/interconnect_standard_prep.htm However, we know that occasionally new doors will have special preparation requirements.  In this case, you will want to check out our interconnected locks that do not require standard door preparation such as the Weslock Unigard Woodward, which requires a 2 7/8 Inch Center-to-Center measurement:  width= Weslock Unigard Woodward - 2 7/8" CC Interconnected Lockset shown in Oil Rubbed Bronze Or the EZSet Grade II IRHD Entrance Interconnected Leverset which requires a 4 Inch Center-to-Center: EZSet Grade II IRHD Entrance Interconnected Leverset - shown in Satin Nickel To view our wide range of residential and commercial interconnected locksets, click on the link below: https://www.directdoorhardware.com/interconnected_lock.htm In short, these Single Action Locksets are perfect for any day care center wanting to create a safe and secure environment for both staff and children.  If you have further questions about interconnected locks and how they work, you may refer to our All About Interconnected Locks page: https://www.directdoorhardware.com/interconnected-lock-info.htm We know there are many style options and applications for interconnected locks. If you need help figuring out which interconnected lock to use, please give us a call at 307-852-9449 Mon-Fri 9-5 Mountain Time, or contact us by email at [email protected].