I think most of us know what sliding doors are - they were super common for closet door and still are I suppose. The sliding doors that I remember growing up were on all of our closet doors, there were two doors side by side and one door would slide on a track behind the other. I can't tell you how many times I shut my finger(s) between the wall and door frame when trying to close those buggers. It's common to have flush pulls on these types of doors, because you need them to slide behind each other without anything in the way. I remember the flush pulls that were on those doors too, really well. So. Tiny. They were super shallow and were just a tiny round brass color circle that fit 1 or maybe 2 small fingers. And when the sliding track wasn't greased, it was pretty tough trying to slide that door with one finger. I think we eventually gave up on the flush pull and pried our little fingers between the cracks and just slid the doors with out pulls. It's crazy how many flush pulls there are out there to choose from now. It would have been nice on those doors, even though we managed to get by with out. I doubt I would have shut my finger(s) in the door and jam as often, if at all. You don't have to stick with the norm anymore. Nice big flush pulls with room enough to grip and comfortably. And the great looking endless designs to choose from. Square, round, rectangle, big small, and all kinds of finishes. Check out Linnea's Design flush pulls, it is a great place to start your search for extraordinary flush pulls. Here is a flush pull to show just for kicks from Linnea and one of my favorites. Called the RPR-90  width= It's round and has a nice place to grip the door when you need to in a stylish sort of way.