I know it can get super overwhelming and maybe even frustrating when it's time to start looking for all new hardware for your home. It might be scary to think of how much it will cost when it's all said and done. Maybe you are on a tight budget and are not looking to spend an arm and a leg for all the hardware, but still want every piece to look really great. Believe it or not, you can have all of that! Sure Loc is affordable and offers pretty much every style you can think of - like rustic, decorative or elegant styles, and modern. You will find a variety of finishes with every style. But the most important part is just how affordable Sure Loc really is! I think modern styles are probably the most popular right now and if you compare Sure-Loc's modern lever prices with other higher quality brands that carry a similar modern style, you will see that you can nearly get 2 Sure Loc Modern style levers for the price of one from other brands. Check out the Sure Loc Juneau Modern Lever for kicks- The most popular modern lever from Sure-Loc.  width=There is more where that came from. The Sure Loc modern levers example was to just give you an idea of what Sure Loc is all about. Great styles that are affordable. There are lots of other style to check out too. Maybe you are more about rustic rough edges and dark finish sandcast, if that's true you might like the Sure Loc Wasatch Handleset:  width= Or how about classy and elegant? Sure Loc also offers bath hardware, cabinet hardware and other miscellaneous items (like door stops and hinges and whatever else) some more fancy than others. Sure Loc Sage Series bath hardware is definitely fancy:  width= Like I said already and I will say it again, there is plenty more hardware from Sure Loc to look through and all of it is affordable as well as good looking!