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Types of Door Knobs, what are they and how are they used in the home.

Entrance Door Knob - door knob generally used for exterior applications with a keyed locking cylinder. Entrance knobs and deadbolts can be keyed alike.
Privacy Door Knobs - Generally used in bathrooms and bedrooms. Privacy knobs can be locked and come with a slotted tool that can be used to unlock from the outside.
Passage Door Knobs - Also referred to as hall and closet knobs because they are most often used for hall and closets. These knobs are not lockable.
Dummy Door Knobs - These knobs are face mounted with screws and do not come with a latch mechanism. These are most often used for bi-fold doors or other applications that do not require a latch mechanism.

Can I get my Deadbolts an locking door knobs keyed alike?
Yes, keying your knobs alike is free of charge unless you have the items sent to you in different orders. If you do miss a knob and have to order it later, there is a $5 charge to key them like your other knobs or locks. Because we carry a few different brands, we cannot key all knobs alike in an order if the brands are different. For example, if you order 10 Sure-loc exterior knobs, but want another brand of deadbolt, we can;t key them the same. This is unlikely though as the finishes between brands will vary somewhat and it is unlikely that you will want to mix and match them.

Why do you have such low prices on your door hardware?!
We buy some of our brands directly from the manufacturer, rather than from a distributor that buys from the manufacturer. Because of the volume we sell, we can get better pricing, which allows us to sell it for less. We have some excellent prices on quality hardware that you just can't find anywhere else.

When will my home hardware ship and how is it sent?
If your order is placed before 11:00 a.m. mountain time, the order is often filled and shipped within 2 business days; however, this is not guaranteed. Our products are sent UPS ground unless other arrangements are made. Most customers receive their orders within a week.

Can you ship my home hardware faster than UPS ground?
Yes we can. We do need an itemized list of the items you wish to purchase so that we can weigh the package and get an accurate quote for you. Please email us with your item list and zip code. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Can I return items that I purchase from Direct Door Hardware?
Yes, You can return your products purchased from Direct Door Hardware. We do however, ship from various locations so not all returns go to the same place. If you will please submit a door hardware return form with all the information that you have available, we can send you the address and information necessary to return your items. Some products may have a 15% restocking fee affiliated with them depending on which warehouse we have them shipped from. Thank you for shopping at Direct Door Hardware. We will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

Do your hinges match your door hardware finishes?
Our hinges are the closest match we have available to our Sure-Loc door knobs and levers. Finishes of our other products will be close but not identical. We do not have Chrome, Antique Brass, Polished brass, or black hinges at this time.

I'm not quite comfortable purchasing your door hardware without seeing it. Is there showroom near me?
We do not have showrooms across the country... one of the reasons our prices are great. Many of our customers will purchase one or two items they are interested in before purchasing the hardware for their entire home. Just order a couple of items that you would need, then when you place your entire order, you will omit the items you already have.

How do I get an item replaced under warranty?
Direct Door Hardware warrants the product for 90 days after purchase. If there is a defect in any product that you have ordered from us within 90 days, we're happy to replace it. After 90 days, we will refer you to the manufacturer who will take care of any warranty issues that you may have. You can view our warranty page to verify that your product falls within the manufacturer's warranty guidelines.