Pocket doors are really handy for those places that you can afford to to have swinging doors, for that would take up too much space, or maybe it may take away from the look of that space you were going for. That's why pocket doors were created. They are like secret doors! With pocket doors comes pocket door hardware, and we have plenty to choose from. At first we only had a few to choose from that were the basic square or rectangle style and that required the standard notched door prep for pocket doors. Now there are several others, there are slender oval or rectangle styles, mortise, round... If it's style you are going for, Linnea carries just that. We talked about a couple pocket door hardware styles from Linnea in an earlier post "Linnea Pocket Door Locks", and now they came out with new styles to fit standard doors with the standard bore holes!

What does this mean?

Standard door prepping for a pocket door:

pocket_doorOr in other words, standard notched door prep looks like the above picture. A notch is cute out of the door and the standard square style pocket door hardware slides in and is installed. It's the most common style of pocket door hardware.

But now they have new designs to fit actual standard door prep with standard bore holes. Doors that you would put real door knobs and real lever handles on. The prepping for that type of door looks like this:

backsetMost interior doors are already prepped with a single bore hole (like shown above) and through the edge of the door there is a cross bore that extends from the edge of the door through the bore hole. So with this new style I am talking about you can install the pocket door locks on these regular standard door preps. It makes it really easy.

Check out the 2 stylish designs Linnea has to offer...

Linnea Square Pocket Door Hardware:


And Linnea Round Pocket Door Hardware:


Both come in the stainless steel finish.

This is what it looks like when the lock is engaged: