The LockState Resort Locks are mainly for a land and/or building, unit, or room that you have available for rent. These locks help give you control and you won€™t have to issue keys or codes that are permanent, and you don€™t have to worry about monthly fees €“ the LockState Resort locks are at an affordable cost! The LockState Resort Locks allow you as a property owner to provide your guests, contractors, cleaners, ect. with temporary access codes. These codes can start and end whenever you feel it€™s necessary. You set the time for the lock to auto lock or auto unlock daily or you can set it for a one time use.  Resort Locks include daylight savings mode to adjust for daylight savings time and a lockout functionality. Plus the codes are unlimited over a year. You will find that there are a few styles/designs in the Lockstate Resort Lock Section.  There are some heavy duty resort locks such as the RL4000, mortise (RL2000M), or maybe more basic like the RL2000. All of these have similar features, but some may include a few more features and are just have a little more heavy duty construction than the other. If you have a front door that is exposed to all weather conditions you will want to go with the RL4000. The RL2000M is a mortise, which may or may not work for you - it also has some weather resistance, but if you are going for full weather resistance, you will want the RL4000 €“ it€™s the heaviest duty resort lock we carry on the site. LockState Resort Locks include other features such as, a lighted keypad for when your guests are entering or exiting at night, the more heavy duty locks are totally weather resistant, and these are available in Silver or Brass finishes.