Your back porch can be a beautiful place to sit and relax and enjoy the seasons. Unfortunately, while you enjoy sitting out back and grilling and enjoying the fresh air, your back porch can also be another entry point for someone to break into your home and steal or cause harm to your family. Knowing how to secure your back porch is incredibly helpful to make sure your home is completely safe. Check out our tips today!

  • Keep your valuables locked up or inside. Even if your items are in the back porch area, you could attract burglars if you leave valuables out and about, so make sure you put anything of value inside or you lock it up within hidden spaces in furniture or even by putting a cable or lock around it to ensure that it doesn't go anywhere.
  • Leave a light on. Not all back porch areas have adequate lighting, so you may need to install flood lights or other forms of lighting to add a bit more light to your backyard area.
  • Have a good lock on your screen door. Not all locks are created the same so make sure you get a durable lock for your screen door and for your back door. Locking your screen door will be a deterrent to a burglar, even if they can get in, they'll make a lot of noise doing so and it won't be worth it. Just make sure to lock your door so they don't just open the door and walk in.
  • Use furniture covers. Using furniture covers will cover up some more expensive pieces like a fire pit or table, while also protecting your items from the elements.
  • Consider outdoor cameras. Outdoor security cameras can come as simple as a basic camera to as sophisticated to having motion detection alerts sent to your phone to let you know if there is any movement in your backyard area. No matter which one you choose, you may feel safer at night knowing that your back porch is being watched at all times.

Keeping your back porch secured only requires a few simple steps, and besides the cameras, minimal cost.