Quality Emtek door hardware is an investment for your home so you'll want to do what you can to take care of it. Here are some tips to help you care for your knobs, levers, handlesets or cabinet hardware.


- Target high touch surface areas that are in frequent contact with hands.
- Begin by cleaning your hardware with a mild non-abrasive anti-bacterial detergent and water solution, using a soft cloth. Gently wipe all surfaces.
- Using water and a soft cloth only, wipe all surfaces to remove any remaining detergent residue.
- For effective cleaning, the treated surface should appear visibly wet and allowed to air dry.


- DO not use bleach solutions in high concentrations to prevent reaction wit the metal and subsequent corrosion.
- Avoid high alkaline cleaners including sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide and ammonia, as these can damage metals and plastics.
- Do not use cleaners typically used on bathroom fixtures and industrial solvents, as these will damage the protective finish.
- Do not use abrasive products to apply the cleaner such as scouring pads and steel wool.
- Avoid spraying the cleaning solution directly onto the product and especially not into key cylinders or other moving parts.

For more effective germ prevention, clean and disinfect your door hardware frequently. Unless it poses a security risk, consider leaving interior doors propped open to reduce the frequency of touching with hands