As you start the process of selling your home, you will want to see what features other homes have listed to make them more appealing to sellers. If you follow trends, you will have noticed the increased popularity of barn doors. You might be wondering; can a barn door increase the value of your home? According to Zillow, homes that mentioned barn doors saw the highest sale premium, sitting at 13 percent above expected values.

There are a number of reasons why barn doors are appealing to buyers. The first reason is also the most simple; they're unique and add a rustic charm to any home. Barn doors add character to any home, and buyers want to know they are moving into a home that feels unique to them. Barn doors also remove the need for swing space when opening a door, which makes your rooms look bigger. With barn doors you also have a wider variety of options regarding door size, color, and style. Although they will reduce the amount of wall space you have, the doors themselves act as a piece of artwork within your home. Whether you are installing a classic wooden barn door or a contemporary glass barn door, there are more unique options than with traditional doors. If you have more of an open floor plan, barn doors can be a great way to delineate the space between rooms and manage your living space.

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