One of the biggest upgrades people can do to their home is adding a sliding barn door or two. These doors can be installed in a variety of rooms and they have been put in kitchens, in bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, and even as pantry doors. They add a wonderful rustic touch to any room and add a bit of personal style to a home. However, you may be wondering, can you lock barn doors?

Typically, the answer to this is yes. If you happen to have a large enough doorway that you have two barn doors in the door frame, then yes, those can be locked together. We also carry a selection of barn door locks that can be used on single barn doors for bathrooms or other rooms where locks are necessary.

You'd have to put the lock on the inside of the bathroom, so you'll want to choose an option that is aesthetically pleasing and doesn't clash with the décor or the barn door that you've chosen. You can also go with a simple hook and eye closure, that will allow you to effectively lock your barn door from the inside. Simply put the hook on the barn door and the loop to the inside of the wall. When your guests go in, they can easily lock the door for a bit more privacy.

Of course, you can choose other locks, though the ones we offer are very simple to install and are a great DIY project, much like hanging a barn door, in which we offer all the tools you'll need.