With their rustic charm, barn doors have the unique ability to make any room a highlight of your home. Installed on a sliding track, barn doors are effortless to use and beautifully conceal spaces like bedrooms, pantries, cabinets, and more. How can you incorporate barn doors in your home? Here are a few different ways you can bring the farmhouse inspired appeal of barn doors into your space.

  1. Bedroom or Bathroom Door

You'll likely seen barn doors used for bedrooms and bathrooms on HGTV or even at a family member or friend's house. Barn door systems use a track to slide the door(s) open and closed. Spruce up the look of your bedroom by removing your old traditional door for a barn door.

  1. Hidden Storage Areas

Do you have exposed nooks where you store things like recyclables, pet food, or even shoes? If these spaces are able to be enclosed, install a barn door system to conceal your storage in a tasteful manner.

  1. Home Office Doors

If you're spending more time in your home office, why not make it a space you love to work in? Install French style barn doors so walking into your office feels like a separate area from your home. When you love your doors and the rest of your office, you'll be more productive!

  1. Cabinet Doors

Want to make your cabinetry in the dining room really stand out? You can swap out the traditional glass doors for French style barn doors or even just a singular one. Match them to your cabinetry for a streamlined look that your family and friends will love.

  1. Clever Pantry

Upgrade your pantry with a sliding barn door to enhance the overall look of your kitchen. Some have gone to lengths to match their barn doors to their kitchen décor, while others have taken advantage of a chalkboard insert to create a space for grocery lists, to-dos, or even a dedicated area for the kids to draw.

So, you want a barn door system for your home to get started on one or more of these projects. At Direct Door Hardware, we carry a variety of beautifully crafted barn door hardware from Leatherneck, as well as Emtek and Sure-Loc. Once you've added barn doors to your home, it'll feel so much more open and inviting!