Deadbolts are great for added security and lots of people are even a little more comfortable about double cylinder deadbolts. The reason is because unlike a single cylinder deadbolts, a double cylinder is keyed on both sides of the door (where as a single cylinder is keyed only on the outside with a manual thumbturn on the inside). Generally double cylinder are used on partial glass doors to keep intruders from being able to break the glass and simply unlock the deadbolt from the inside - they will need a key to unlock the deadbolt. Double cylinder deadbolts can be a safety hazard in case of emergency, as it requires a key to unlock from the inside. Most cases a single cylinder does a great job keeping intruders out, but there are some cases where a single or double cylinder deadbolt just isn't enough to feel secure and safe. There is a new extra strong deadbolt out there now called the Ultimate Lock.


Click here to watch a video demonstration of the Ultimate lock vs. a standard deadbolt.

You can see in the video how it can withstand anyone trying to kick or ram the door! It can withstand up to 4000 pounds!

When the lock is engaged you wont have to worry about it being bumped or picked. The Ultimate lock is provided with longer screws than your standard deadbolt and absorbs the impact. In other words, it 'marries' the door jamb and door frame together and becomes a solid brick wall. And if the intruder really wants in he would have to knock down the whole wall in order for that door to be kicked in. Another cool feature the Ultimate lock provides is that it has a patented lockout feature, which means with a simple push of a button the lock renders any key useless, even if an intruder has your actual house key!

To check out more features click here.

The Ultimate Lock comes in satin nickel, polished brass, and antique brass finishes.