Sometimes door hardware like door knobs, levers, deadbolts and pulls, can have very similar designs, but sometimes you can find things that are totally unique and original. Maybe it's something that you have never seen like anything before in a regular old hardware store. That's why shopping online is so much more fun! so many more options to choose from, so many more designs, so many more ideas and inspirations! A lot of today things are made at home now, I'm sure you have all heard of the DIY (do it yourself) projects. I think a lot of people like that idea. So what if you can't exactly find the door hardware you are trying to go for? Try thinking outside the box! Try thinking of unconventional things, unusual, original or maybe even quirky things that may not even be used for this specific application. Such as something like this...


A home made door pull, for this amazing reclaimed barn wood door, that measures at about 3' long. It was made from a 3/4" gas pipe and fittings! They said it was really easy to make and took about 30 minutes and it only cost about $18 for all the parts! They used #10 wood screws at about 1 1/4" length (the barn door is about 2" thick).

And how about adding a coordinating dining room light fixture also made using gas pipe as well as old street light lenses?


Like I said, you don't have to stick with the norm! Try thinking outside of the box, you may be surprised how easy you can make something into door hardware or something else for that matter, not to mention how cool it could look!

The barn door is held up using Leatherneck hardware that will soon be added to the site! Please let us know if you have any questions about ordering Leatherneck hardware.

Check out more pictures and information of the barn door pulls and hardware used on this application here.