Schlage residential door hardware is a super popular brand. You can find this brand almost anywhere, even your local Home Depot or Lowes should carry the Schlage residential door hardware - although they wont have as many options as far as design and finish go, but they will have a few basic designs to choose from if you aren't too picky. Schlage is a great brand to have in your home or maybe even your office. Schlage residential knobs and levers (most of them anyway) have an ANSI rating of a Grade 2. For those of you who need or want more information on ANSI rating, read on - I will go into more detail for you.

ANSI may not mean much to most people shopping hardware for their home, but it can be pretty important for the people looking for hardware on a commercial application. ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute. ANSI is an agency that tests and sets standards for lots of different things. BHMA, or Builders Hardware Manufacturers is a similar agency. The difference is that BHMA only tests and sets standards for door hardware alone, whereas ANSI can test on almost anything. When I say tests and sets standards, this just means basically they give each door hardware item (or any item if we are talking ANSI) a grade such as grade 1, grade 2 or grade 3. I'm sure you have probably heard of that before.

Grade 1 is the highest grade. This is the grade that those commercial application people are looking for. The hardware with a grade 1 is used on public buildings like hospitals and schools etc. So basically the Grade 1 is for most of the commercial hardware that you will find.

Grade 2 is more of a light commercial grade. You can find this type of hardware used on apartment buildings, or office building, like a dentist office for example. So like I said, most of the Schlage residential hardware is a Grade 2.

Grade 3 is the simple hardware you will find in a home. Most homes wont need a grade 1 or 2 for a home because the doors are not used quite as often so it's not necessary. If you are familiar with some of the brands we carry, Kwikset residential is a grade 3. Sure-Loc would probably fall into this grade, if it were graded.