Barn doors are stylish and functional additions to any home and can give your entire home a rustic feel. While nearly any room would look great with a barn door, there are certain places that would benefit from a barn door the most. Barn doors do not provide as much privacy as traditional doors, but they can still be a great addition to many rooms.

  1. Closets

Whether you are using them to store coats and shoes or your seasonal decorations, using a barn door for your closets can make entry a breeze. Sliding barn doors can also make it easier to store and remove larger items without having to worry about the door getting in your way.

  1. Pantries

Being able to get in and out of your pantries quickly and easily is important, and a barn door can make things much faster for you. Whether you forgot an ingredient while cooking or just want a quick midnight snack, being able to easily slide open the pantry door can make life much easier.

  1. Home Offices

Using a barn door for your home office can help you to feel closed off from the rest of your home while working, yet comfortable after work hours. Leave the barn door open after work to feel like your office is just another room in your house.

  1. Bathrooms

Although their design provides you with slightly less privacy than other types of doors, barn doors can still look and function great with bathrooms. Especially with smaller bathrooms, where space is a premium that can be taken up by a door that swings in, barn doors can provide you with additional bathroom space.

  1. Commercial Buildings

Barn doors are not just great for homes. Install a barn door in your office for a door that conforms to ADA specifications thanks to their lightweight design. Barn doors will also save space in your office, by preventing you from having a door that has to be propped open at times.

No matter where you decide to place your barn door, you are sure to see why they have become so popular in so many places.