Lockey Mechanical Deadbolt

Yesterday I had the opportunity to install a Lockey M210 Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt. This deadbolt is very easy to install already, but to make it even easier, Lockey came out with an Lockey M210EZ. The M210 requires that you drill an additional hole above the standard bore hole, the M210EZ does not require the additional hole. I installed this lock for a friend of mine who will be using it on his manufacturing facility. Because it will be a high use door, we opted for the M210 which has the additional hole, mainly just for added security. We probably didn't need to, but since I was installing having to drill an additional hole was not a big deal to me. The deadbolt was very easy to install and looks great on the door. I added this picture above so you can see the size relative to my hand. Before seeing this lock in person, i imagined it being much larger. It comes with a black trim piece that mounts behind the keypad and covers the bore hole and looks nice completely installed. This mechanical lock is built well and has smooth operation when entering the code and retracting the lock. To lock the door from the inside or out, just throw the bolt using the turn knob. From the outside, once the bolt is thrown you have to unlock using the code. From the inside, just retract with the turn knob. I like this keyless deadbolt because it is very simple to use, sturdy and smooth. The Pro's to this lock: - Easy Install on Standard Bore (M210EZ even easier install) - Mechanical Lock means no batteries to worry about. - Smooth operation and sturdy feel. - Simple. Sometimes you just want a simple functional lock - this is it. Cons (Well, cons if you care about these features): - You can only have one code (some electronic keyless locks allow up to 20 or more codes) - The buttons are not lit. - You have to remove the lock to change the code. Ironically, the Lockey has the word 'Digital' stamped on the lock, but it is not a digital lock - Mechanical however, it is. Overall, I was pleased with this lock. I would buy this lock for its simplicity, functionality and sturdy construction.