In the market for a new keyless lock? There are several types of Keyless locks available on the market today so it's worth a look to see which each type of lock offers. We have several brands and styles available, most of which are for residential or light commercial use, including marine grade keyless locks. We do also have commercial options available upon request. Keyless Deadbolt from Emtek, Schlage and more. Keyless or Electronic Deadbolts - Keyless deadbolts are quite popular and available from major brands like Emtek, Schlage, Weiser, Kwikset and even in mechanical versions from Lockey. If you want a keyless deadbolt with a remote key fob (like you would have for your car door locks) we have those available too from Lockstate. Keyless deadbolts allow you to enter your home with a combination entered into the keypad, or you can bypass the keypad with your key if you have it available. Keyless deadbolts allow you program (and re-program) multiple combinations so that different people can have access but not necessarily have the same code. These keyless deadbolts do not require any special electrical wiring, but the electronic deadbolts are battery powered. The batteries do last quite a while and most will have an alarm that sounds upon entry to let you know when the batteries are getting low. The main thing you need to be careful about with a keyless deadbolt is that if you have a keyed door knob or lever below the deadbolt that gets locked... you'll be able to unlock the deadbolt with a code, but you'll need a key for the doorknob below. To prevent this you can install a passage / non-locking function knob or lever that is always open. Keyless Door Knob and Lever Handles Keyless Doorknobs and Lever Handles - If your door only has one bore hole for a knob or lever a keyless doorknob or lever is the best for you. We have many variations of the keyless levers and knobs. These will all allow you to program multiple combinations, but some have added features that may be desirable for your application so I'll explain a few here. Schlage Flex Locks - Schlage makes a keyless lock called a flex lock which allows you to set the door to automatically lock behind you and require a keycode for entry. It also gives you the flexibility of setting it as unlocked so you are required to lock the door as you leave. The Flex lock is a great choice for a home office or business where you want the lock to remain open during certain hours, then locked after hours. Emtek keyless levers also work in this same manner, though they are not called Flex locks. Schlage Auto-Locks - These keyless locks will always lock behind you when you leave. These types of locks are great for homes where you don't want your forgetful kids to leave the door unlocked when they leave. Another type of Keyless Lever we carry is the Lockey Double Combination keyless lock. These locks are mechanical so they do not require batteries or electronics. The double combination means that you have to enter the combination to enter or exit the building. And finally one of our more popular electronic Locks is the Lockstate Resort Lock. The Lockstate Resort Lock is a great keyless lock to have on your office, or vacation home because it allows you to do multiple things that a normal keyless lock won't do. With Lockstate software (sold separately) you can program codes only valid for certain dates. For example if you want a customer renting your vacation home to only have access from Friday at noon to Sunday at 6 P.M. you can generate a code for him that will work during those time periods only and then be invalid. You can also set up permanent combinations and with the software be able to track who entered the building and when. This tracking ability is very handy for apartment manager, business owner or anyone who wants to be able to know who was in the building at certain times. The Resort Lock is available in the standard RL2000 series and a heavier duty RL4000 series for commercial use. You can run multiple Resort locks with only one software license. Keyless Handlesets Keyless Entry Handlesets bascially work the same as the keyless deadbolts. The lower portion is the same as any other handleset, but the deadbolt has been replaced with a keyless deadbolt. There aren't a whole lot of styles available for these, but we've had many customers purchase a keyless deadbolt to replace their current handleset's deadbolt. You could also buy a new handleset and replace it's deadbolt with a keyless deadbolt to get the style you want (sorry, we can't sell handlesets for less without the deadbolt portion- they are packed from the manufacturer with the deadbolt). Keyless Mechanical locks from Lockey Keyless Mechanical Locks do not require batteries and are available in many different styles for different applications from businesses to sliding doors to gates. Be sure to check out the many different Mechanical Locks from Lockstate and Lockey. In summary, there are many different kinds of keyless locks available. They all share the convenience of not having to carry a key, or pass out keys to those you want to grant access. Hopefully this information has helped you narrow down your search to find the keyless lock that will work best for your application.