At some point in life, you've used a deadbolt; maybe in a college apartment, hotel room, public restroom, office complex, or elsewhere. These offer the security and peace of mind you need for your home or business when you're inside the space or away from it. When you're installing new doors or replacing old deadbolts, how do you know if you're choosing the best kind for your needs? There are several different kinds of deadbolts that each offer different locking capabilities. This guide will help you determine which style is right for your security needs.

Important Features

Before looking at the different types of deadbolts, there are a few important features to be aware of. Deadbolts should be either Grade 1 or Grade 2. While Grade 1 offers the highest level of security, Grade 2 is also a good choice that you'll find in residential use knobs and levers. These grades come in a huge range of styles and sizes, so you should be able to find options that complement your door well. Another ideal feature is an anti-pick shield, which blocks picking from the top and bottom of the lock. With a smooth, sleek face, deadbolts are more challenging to pick and nearly impossible to manipulate with a wrench or other tool. Overall, they're necessary to keep your family, employees, guests, and yourself safe.

Deadbolt Types

  1. Single Cylinder

Single cylinder deadbolts are very commonly found on homes. On the exterior, there is a keyed door knob. On the inside is a thumb turn lock requiring no key.

  1. Double Cylinder

A double cylinder lock is unlocked and locked on both sides of the door. They're typically used with a lever handle or keyed door knob.

  1. Single Sided

These simply have a thumb turn lock on the interior of the door with nothing on the exterior. You'll find these used on bathroom doors.

  1. Other Deadbolt Locks Styles

Other deadbolt locks you may have seen include keyless electronic deadbolts with number pads and indicator locks for public restrooms. These are better suited for commercial use.

One or two of these deadbolt lock styles may perfectly suit your needs. While the single cylinder locks are great for your new front door, the keyless electronic deadbolts may be just what you need for your office. You can find all of these types here at Direct Door Hardware, where we carry only the highest quality brands of the market. You can browse our massive selection to find the right finishes and aesthetic for all of your security needs.