You know, when looking for hinges, you wouldn't ever think you would need to know so much about them before ordering.

The size, shape, finish and sometimes even the hole pattern matter before you go ahead with the order.


Don't worry, it's no sweat.

Let me walk you through the SIMPLE steps on how to order a door hinge. It's easier than it sounds. Promise.

  • Step 1: Size

Take a ruler or measuring tape and measure the length and width of the hinge... like shown.

 width=Up to 5" hinges, we carry on our site.


  • Step 2: Round or Square Corners

You will need to know if your hinges have round or square corners. If you have square corner hinges, skip to step 3. If you have round corner hinges there are 2 types... so pay attention. Here is a simple way of finding out if you have a 1/4" radius or a 5/8" radius hinge. Empty out your pockets for 1 dime and 1 quarter.


If your hinges have round AND square corners, you will need to follow the above step to find out what size radius it is. Unfortunately we only carry 5/8"" radius hinge with square corners. If you need a 1/4" radius and square hinge you can order a 1/4" radius set as well as a square corner set and take them apart and mix them yourself if you would like. Remember the hinges are sold as a pair.


  • Step 3: Right or Left (optional)

This step is if you have a Round and Square corner hinge. If you don't... skip this step.

This is easy as pie. Just look at this diagram, If the square corners are on the left... its a left hand. If they are on the right it's a right hand.


Done. Now let's move on.


  • Step 4: Finish and Finish

Choose your finish or color you love, enter in the quantity you want... and you are FINISHED and ready to check out.

(Remember most of the hinges are sold as pairs, so look for "sold as pairs", or "sold individually" on the page)

Some of you may worry about the hole placement. If there is not a diagram of the measurements and its something you are worried about. give us a call and we should be able to find that out for you.

So guess what? You just did it. No sweat. See, I told you.