As a contractor, professional and homebuilder, we know that one of the most crucial aspects, whether for single-family or multi-family homes, is attracting and retaining your residents. You need to create a comfortable, welcome, and safe environment for those who will buy houses, for your rental properties, for residents, and staff, when it comes to finding the tools you need and getting the job done right with door and door hardware installation.

Doors get opened with elbows, feet, and hands. They're often slammed sometimes by accident, and exterior doors get beaten with and must weather the elements. Whether residential or commercial, Doors are one of the most used objects within any space.

It's crucial to install the right type for each situation the door and its hardware will face, including the proper door hardware for security, protection, ease of access while ensuring each part is high-quality. Which profession or professional installs doors and door hardware? A carpenter.

How To Choose the Right Carpenter or Carpenters for your Building Needs

It is vital to install the most reliable, durable, high-quality doors and door hardware you can afford into your homes or buildings. You must have them installed the right way and professionally if you want them to function properly and last.

Choose someone or a company with a lot of specific experience

As you are looking for tradespeople to assist you in the hanging, installation of doors and door hardware, you will want to look for those with plenty of recent experience in doing the job. Tradespeople may advertise themselves as joiners, carpenters, and in some cases, cabinet makers. Although these professions often overlap and are all about working with wood, there are differences.

Traditionally, for building the wooden structures of a building, such as window frames, doors, and staircases, this is a job done by a joiner. A carpenter is someone who installs these elements and works to repair or maintain them. A cabinet maker is typically a more skilled role that creates fine furniture, kitchen cabinets, shelves, dining tables, and other woodwork. Many tradespeople will have the skills to work as joiners and carpenters, while a more prominent firm will employ both specialties.

  • Ask to see photographs of relevant work they have done.
  • Attempt to reach out to one or two previous customers or clients. A professional tradesperson would be happy to put you in touch with previous clients, and this can help you find out what they're like to have on-site and help you assess the quality of their work.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Some helpful questions you can consider asking other customers are:

  • Did they stick to their initial quote, or did costs escalate?
  • Were they easy to get hold of when needed?
  • Did they complete the work at the original timescale?
  • Did anything go wrong, and how did they deal with it?
  • Did they protect your home/building adequately before the hob began and clean up thoroughly after?
Ask About Material Sources Early

When deciding which carpenter or carpenter company to hire for your home building project, ensure they provide the sources or samples of the materials they will use. Where your professional sources their products is as important as how well they do their tasks. When researching their product sources, you will want to know if the company:

  • Was started by home building professionals with a unique understanding of what home builders and trade professionals need in mind.
  • Have years of experience in the construction industry and know the challenges faced.
  • Are available for you to contact directly and handle any client questions you may have about the door and door hardware provided, customer service issues, job quoting, and ensuring your shopping experience of picking out your door hardware is exceptional.
Pro Door Installation Tips

Whether you are a contractor or a homebuilder hiring a professional to hang and install doors for you, there are a few tips that will help you do an excellent job or recognize one.

  1. Hiding screws make exterior doors stronger and last longer. Pulling back, removing weather stripping on the latch side of the door frame, and drive screws where they will be hidden. There are many benefits to using screws instead of nails to install exterior doors. The screws can easily be adjusted and won't easily pull out or loosen, and your hired painters won't have the task of filling big, ugly screw holes before painting. Hide the screws under the weather stripping on the latch side, on the hinge side, replace one screw in each hinge with a matching 3-inch long screw.
  2. Avoid nails and use screws for door hinges. When you do use screws, screw through the jamb in the hinge mortise. Screws always hold better than nails and will be hidden by the hinges. Nails most often come loose.

Why Exterior Door and Hardware Choice are Crucial to Residents, Homebuilders, and Homeowners

It might be unclear at first why the industry of homebuilders, whether for single-family homes, multi-family homes, or rental properties, insists on the importance of exterior doors and door hardware. A door is a simple object, and it should open and shut and have a lock to keep the space secure, right?

Surprisingly, the right exterior door and what type of locks you provide are among the top influences on whether or not a buyer or renter decides to purchase or live in that property. It's called curb appeal, and you may have heard it before.

In essence, curb appeal is how attractive home or property looks when viewed from the curb, the street, or outside the home. Why does it matter? Curb appeal plays a large part in keeping neighborhoods beautiful, which keeps property values high. Homes or residential spaces with high curb appeal sell or rent quickly.

For homeowners and residents, there are few things that are as satisfying as coming home each day to a house that is every bit as cozy and beautiful on the outside as it is inside. One of the most significant focal points to curb appeal is a home's door and door hardware. Personality is always in the details. When it comes to reinventing your doors or door hardware or installing brand new fixtures, we hope that you'll remember these essential tips that will make the entire process easier and transform whichever space you are building into a better and brighter place to be.