Whether you're installing new doors or replacing worn hardware, the choice between door knobs and handles is an important one. While entirely based on personal choice, there are benefits and drawbacks to each of these door openers. Before deciding on one or the other, read over these pros and cons to ensure you're making the right choice for your home and needs.

Door Knobs

As the most traditional and simplistic option, door knobs can be as minimalistic or intricate as you'd like. From crystal knobs to those made of solid brass, knobs can easily add character to your exterior or interior doors.


  1. Different Types of Round Shapes

If the classic round shape does not give the right aesthetic look, you may find that oval and egg-shaped knobs are better suited. These also provide better grip and leverage with their size.

  1. Great for Older Properties

Many older houses and buildings have doors fitted with surface mounted rim locks. Door knobs designed for use on rim locks will be perfect for these spaces. Levers will not install as well.


  1. Lack of Natural Grip

Because of their round shape, door knobs don't have much grip. Because of this, they're not a great choice for kids or older people. Levers are easier to grip and use for those with arthritis, as well as wet/damp hands.

  1. Must Be Set Back

So users don't hurt their knuckles, door knobs must be set further back into the door.

Door Handles

Door handles can be modern or traditional, often found on front doors, patios, offices, and more. They're incredibly easy to use and can be opened without the turning motion a knob requires.


  1. Easy to Grip

By design, handles are easier to hold on to, making them a great choice for frequently used rooms. They're more comfortable on older hands and easy for kids to open too.

  1. Installed Away from the Door

Door handles are fitted away from the door frame. Because of this, there is little chance you could scrape your hand when opening.


  1. Design Malfunction

Loose shirts or pockets can easily be caught on door handles. While it is unlikely you'll become injured, it's definitely an uncomfortable feeling.

  1. Not Suited for Older Properties

Older doors aren't suited for the modern design of door handles. Not only will the aesthetic not line up, but the overall functionality may not properly work with an older door and the frame.