As you continuously update your home over the years, you may find that you've grown tired of the look of your door knobs. This could be the main door knob to your home or those on interior doors. You might think that simply painting them would be a cost-efficient quick fix. Partially, you'd be correct. However, the cons of painting door knobs outweigh the pros.

When you paint over your existing door knobs, a few different things can occur. Like all paint, it'll begin to wear after frequent use. Even if you bump into a painted knob with something you're carrying or the knob hits the wall, the paint can crack. The time spent painting all of your door knobs isn't worth dealing with cracked and chipped paint. While painting, you'll naturally want a perfect finish. This is tough to achieve as an amateur. If you aren't confident in your painting skills, then it may not be the best idea to take on the task of paining your door knobs. This easiest solution here is to purchase new ones in the finishes that make sense.

Installing new door knobs is more affordable than you may think. If you were to paint over older door knobs, you're essentially re-facing old hardware. The knob and accompanying hardware will continue to age and will eventually need replacing. You can instead find new door knobs in finishes you love that will outlive your current ones. By choosing this route, you're getting door knobs in perfect color finishes—no paint errors or other imperfections. Maybe your current knobs don't quite lock into the door latch like they once did. When you choose new options, the knobs and hardware will be as strong as ever, which may improve the effectiveness of your doors. Ultimately, you'll save money in the long run with new door knobs, as they'll last longer, look better, and provide better function.

The look and function of your door hardware matters. When you're ready to change the look of yours, consider purchasing all new knobs to take advantage of professional craftsmanship and warranties. At Direct Door Hardware, we offer thousands of door knobs and levers for residential and commercial use. To view different finishes from the brands we carry online, click here ( Take a look at our inventory to find the perfect replacements for your doors.