When shopping for new door hardware for the back door of your home, you may not be sure which type to choose. Though you may not be present in your basement or garage very often, it's important to keep these areas secure. Intruders know that these lesser used locations can be vulnerable, so you'll need the right door knobs to keep your home safe.

Keyed Entry Door Knobs

A keyed doorknob is a great choice for your back door, as it locks on the exterior of the door. While the outside is locked, the inside will allow you to leave quickly when necessary. You might ask, "Why not a double cylinder door knob?" These are mostly used in commercial applications, like hospitals, hotels, and schools where higher security measures are required. Having a keyed lock on the interior of a residential door can pose as a hazard in times where emergency exits are crucial. For example, you don't want to be fumbling to unlock your back door in the event of a fire!

Single Cylinder or Non-Cylindered Deadbolt

As long as your back door doesn't have a window, you can enhance the security of it by adding a single cylinder deadbolt. These include a keyed lock on the exterior of the door and a thumb turn on the interior. Deadbolts are very secure, as they aren't spring-loaded like door knobs. This way, you'll have two exterior locks, making it much more difficult for intruders to break in. Plus, with a deadbolt, it makes your back door harder to kick in. In fact, door jambs usually fail before deadbolts!

However, if you'd prefer to not have two locks, you could also choose a non-cylindered deadbolt. These cannot be used from the outside, having just the thumb turn mechanism on the inside of the door.

With these back door lock options, you can enhance the security of your home without spending a fortune. In fact, you can easily find these door knob and lock options for less than $100! Shop our huge inventory of door knobs in the styles and finishes that suit your needs.