Whether you are updating your existing business or building a new location, you want to be sure you have the right door handles. Having the most secure door handles is important for keeping your storerooms, back offices, and inventory safe. Find out what the best door handles for a small business are and keep your inventory and yourself safe.

  1. Commercial Door Knobs

Commercial door knobs are made from durable materials to survive high use in heavy traffic areas. Commercial door knobs are also graded by the American National Standards Institute for strength and durability, so you can rest easy knowing you are only purchasing the highest-quality hardware. All commercial door knobs come in two grades, Grade 2 or Grade 1, allowing you to choose what type is best for your business. Grade 2 are perfect for medium to light foot traffic areas, while Grade 1 are best in high traffic areas. Whichever type of door knob you choose, you can be sure they will stand up to the pressure put on them every day.

  1. Commercial Door Levers

Door levers are a great option for any business. They are much easier for everyone to open, including children and the elderly, making them a great choice for an inclusive environment. In addition to being rated by the American National Standards Institute, commercial door levers are also designed to meet ADA requirements. Like commercial door knobs, these door knobs also fall into two grades. Find storeroom locks to keep your inventory safe or set up passageway knobs and levers to make every part of your business easily accessible.

  1. Interconnected Door Locks

For your emergency exits, it is important to consider how you will easily exit your business in case of emergency. Interconnected door locks are designed to allow the deadbolt and knob or lever to open from the inside with a single action. These types of door locks are available in both knob or lever designs, so you can find an interconnected door lock that matches the aesthetic of the rest of your business.

Having the right type of door handle is important for making your business as accessible as possible for all your customers. Make sure you consider the best options for your customer base when shopping for door handles.