Traditonal Lexington 1300 2 Point lock

You might think that a 2-point lock would be similar to the multi-point lock with bolts coming out every which way to secure the door in place, but in fact, it's a lot simpler. The multi-point lock is a mechanism that already comes with the door and may not be as necessary to have for your exterior door, whereas the 2-point lock is just a handleset (which also includes the mechanism) that you purchase for your door.

What is a 2 point lock?

The 2-point lock basically has two different locks or keyed cylinders included in the handleset. One keyed cylinder lock is on top, which is also known as the deadbolt (like every other handleset). But what makes this handleset different from every other is that it also includes a keyed cylinder or a turn button to lock the thumb latch part below the deadbolt.

Most handlesets only have one keyed cylinder (on the deadbolt portion of the handleset), which works just fine for many applications, but a 2-point lock makes a lot of customers feel more comfortable, safe, and worry-free. Two-Point Locks aren’t as common as the regular handlesets you can find everywhere, but you will find they add one more level of safety and assurance.

What is the benefit of 2 Point Lock Handlesets?

There are many benefits of 2 point locks. 2-point handlesets provide a second locking point for increased security and work just like a simple deadbolt and entrance lock. The deadbolt is locked straight into the door jamb and secures the door in place, and the cylinder below locks the handle or lever keeping it in place. Basically, the 2-point locks are a step up from the regular handleset. Adding a little more security keeps people happy by making them feel a little less worried knowing that their home is a little safer.

2-point lock door hardware is an excellent choice for those who prioritize security, durability, and ease of use. Its dual locking mechanism, structural benefits, and versatility make it a top choice for both residential and commercial doors. When investing in door hardware, consider the benefits of 2 point locks to safeguard your property effectively. And don’t forget to shop Direct Door Hardware for all your locking mechanism needs. We proudly offer a wide variety of two-point lock options so you can enjoy peace of mind in your home or business.