"You would think being in the profession I am (selling door hardware) that I would promptly install my doorknobs in my basement upon finishing it. No, that is not the case. We finally finished our basement about a month ago and my doorknobs are still in their boxes in the storage room. It's really pretty silly if you ask me, doorknobs are so easy to install, it just takes an hour or so to get the job done on a basement. I'm really not sure what the hold up is to be honest. I just need to do it. I have actually had all the knobs for my basement since we built the home 3 years ago. We ordered Weslock Impresa knobs and I wanted to be sure I had enough just in case they changed the style. Luckily they hadn't changed the style because I needed one more. We decided to add a closet that wasn't on the original plan. The good news, I did install the door knob on the bathroom door. I had a knob with a split finish sent so we have polished chrome on the interior and satin nickel on the exterior to match the rest of the house. We had ordered some polished chrome Dynasty bath accessories to match our?plumbing fixtures so we decided to get the chrome on the inside of the knob too.?It's kind of a modern style bathroom, so we went with Dynasty's Manhattan robe hooks, towel ring and?paper holder.??For some reason my wife isn't too fond of towel bars, so we ended up just using robe hooks to hang the towels on. We actually have done that in every bathroom throughout the house. It is?really a great option when you are limited on wall space for a longer towel bar... but in our case, it is more of a preference than a solution. Anyway, one knob down... ten more to go."