Have you heard of door kick plates? You've likely seen them in public buildings like your doctor's office, restaurants, retail stores, and schools. Essentially, kick plates are installed to reinforce doors. The sheet of metal (usually stainless steel or aluminum) prevents damage from occurring as people come and go. While they're most often seen in commercial applications, that isn't to say they aren't worthwhile for residential use. In fact, we encourage it! Here are some of the most significant benefits to installing kick plates on your front and back doors.

Block Damage from Kicking

This is the most obvious benefit. When you have beautiful doors or you've recently applied a fresh coat of paint, you don't want scuff marks to accrue! Think about your last big grocery trip. With your hands full, did you reach a foot out to prop the door open? This is an easy way to damage your doors over time. Not only will scuff marks show up, but you may also find paint chips. With a kick plate, you'll be able to prop the door open without causing unnecessary damage.

Deter Anxious or Energetic Pets

Do your dogs or cats have a habit of clawing at your doors? If they're like most, they get excited when they hear you approaching the door, so they may scratch at it in anticipation. Claws can cause serious damage, with larger dogs even leaving groove marks in wooden doors. With a kick plate, your pets won't be able to cause chaos when you're away or they hear a knock at the door. While they're often installed on the exterior of your doors, then can also be used on the interior when the need arises. The metal will totally block damage, which may even deter them from the behavior.

Great for Storm Doors

If you have a storm door, you'll want it to look nice and sharp. Scuff marks, dirt, and dings can greatly impact the look of your storm door, especially if it's light colored. They're often made of materials like aluminum, which dent without much force needed. Kick plates are an easy and fast solution for extending the life of your storm door, so you won't have to worry about the family, house guests, or pets scratching or denting the metal.

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