With so many things occupying your attention on a daily basis, door hardware is probably the last thing you'd be thinking about if at all. It's only when something doesn't feel or look right with a door knob that you'd give it special attention. How can you really know when to replace your door knob? Does it just need to be lubricated or is the hardware completely failing? Here are a few important signs to keep in mind so that when an issue arises, you'll know if you need to start shopping for a replacement door knob. Even if you do find that you need to make a repair, door knobs are incredibly easy to install, even for beginners.

Missing or Broken Pieces

The first step is to check for anything that might be missing from your doorknob or its hardware. Maybe you will notice a screw or two is missing or that the strike plate is loose in the door frame. It could also be that the door knob no longer turns properly. This could be an issue of the door knob becoming loose in its fittings.

Door Knob Damage

Ensure that the door knob is secure in the door, not wiggling or loose when touched. If it does move, tighten the two screws that hold the knob together. If this doesn't work, you'll instead remove these screws to take the door knob off your door. There very well may be mechanical damage, in which case you'll need a replacement door knob. If you don't want to have new keys made for the family, simply have a locksmith re-key the lock. Luckily, you can find a huge array of knob options here at Direct Door Hardware that will liven up your door without breaking the bank. Plus, we key most orders for free!

With your new door knob, you can avoid issues in the future simply by performing inspections throughout the year. Check for missing hardware, problems when closing the door, a loose deadbolt, and similar potential issues. This way, you can get ahead of a complete failure. Not only will this be useful for interior doors, but it'll also help keep your home secure with the exterior door knobs.