width=Have you noticed our new look on the site? The New Drop Down Menu: On the home page, you can shop under "Shop by Category", which give all the door knobs, levers, deadbolts, bath accessories, best selling, great value hardware, etc.  Or there is a NEW drop down menu at the top you can shop under. If you run your mouse over the menu bar a list under each of the door hardware, door accessories, bath hardware, cabinet hardware, commercial and brands categories appear. Below is an example of what the drop down menu looks like under Door Hardware. All the door hardware you need categorized in one place. It gives you a list of door knobs, levers, deadbolts, handlesets and hinges.  width= Same goes for the other categories on the drop down menu bar. Under door accessories there will have a list of the misc hardware such as, door stops, kickplates, switch plates, house numbers and there are even safes and floor registers in this category. I'm sure you can imagine what you might find under bath hardware and cabinet hardware. I think it's pretty self explanatory, but just in case you were wondering - bath hardware includes towel bars and robe hooks etc. And cabinet hardware, well its basically cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls. Commercial is where you will find all the hardware necessary for all your commercial applications like, office buildings and public buildings. Lots of people like to shop by brands, so this is where this category comes in. It's a handy way to search if you want a specific brand. The New Help Tab: We pretty much covered all the new menus, but before you start exploring the new site, I kinda wanted to go over the NEW drop down help tab. This is an important one, and it may have a lot of the answers to the questions you may have. If you take a look below for example,  width= It gives a list of the basic things you need to know if you are placing an order. Like fore example, door prep, how to order, door hardware 101, and contact info. Click on the door hardware 101.  width= If you aren't familiar with door hardware, this is a good place start. Things like, what a backset is, what standard door prep is and latch types are listed here. These are all things you may need to find out so you can make sure you are ordering the right hardware to fit your door(s). If you still have questions that's what the contact information right under help is for - call us. Our number is listed at the very top of each page in orange - call us. We would be happy to help you with any questions, or if you would just rather place your order by phone-call us! We would love to help you!