There are many little miscellaneous items that are easily forgotten or go unnoticed, but equally important to make your house run smoothly. It's easy to forget the small things when ordering like door stops! But these little buggers are important. I have a mark in the wall to prove it. I have even seen holes in the walls because there were no door stops. Is it cheaper to buy a simple door stop or to replace the wall? And believe it or not, there are quite a lot of styles to choose from:


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The most common door stops are the spring or solid stops. They are also the most affordable. Lets face it, when you have many doors the cost easily adds up. These types are mounted on the base boards on the wall where the door would swing open and touch.




Floor mounted stops are mounted on the ceiling. Just kidding, they are obviously mounted on the floor. The styles to choose from are endless and also very stylish. Some are magnetic, where you can attach the small magnetic piece to the door so it stays propped open. How handy!


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The wall mounted stops are probably just as obvious to guess where mounted as the floor mount stops. I hope anyway, but if you couldn't figure it out... it's the wall. I have a wall mounted door stop on one of my walls that was put there by someone before us and we haven't quite figure out what the purpose is. There isn't a door anywhere close! So maybe make sure you put these in a spot where a door actually hits. And just like all the other door stops, there are different styles to choose from. I like the one with the hook that attaches to your door so you can hold the door open. Again, so handy!


 width=This style attaches to your hinge and are easily unnoticed. But be careful when ordering these, because some require using the same brand of hinge or it wont work and you may be using it as a paper weight. You may also have to order some extra pieces like extended button tips so they are attached properly.

Now that we got the basic types down, go and check out more of the styles of door stops you can choose from!