"I just don't get it. GM does it and everyone feels like they have to try it out. Now every major US car company has the same promotion. Can anyone come up with something on their own, or are we all so creatively?lacking that we have to just do what everyone else does? It happens all the time. One company does a successful ad campaign and everyone follows suit. Do you really think they are giving you their employee pricing? Why do companies spend tens of thousands, or millions in advertising costs? Is it to break even? Of course not, they are making money on the sales or they wouldn't be doing it. So the employee pricing is bogus, or the employees really don?t get that great of a deal.? Case in point: The other day my wife had finally had it with the mattress we had been sleeping on since we were married. It was a good mattress, but had lived its life. So she talked me into going down to a few furniture stores to check out some new ones. Guess what? The furniture store is offering ?employee pricing, today only!?? ?Lucky us? I thought [sarcastically] as we walked through the doors (I have a bad attitude about this employee pricing thing).?So we meet with a salesman, he takes us over to the computer and shows us the price. ?So, with this employee pricing sale we have running right now, you'll get this mattress at 10% above cost so it?s a great deal.? The price seemed higher than I thought it would be so I had him double check the item number - it was right.? Well, it was still a bit more than we wanted to spend on a mattress so we thought about it for a minute while we checked out some other items. Just then, a neighbor of ours that we had just met a few weeks before came walking by. Coincidentally he is one of the store managers. We asked him about some other mattresses and ended up back at the first one?which is?now $250 less than the ?employee pricing? and he is still making a margin. I don't know this guy very well so I know he's not giving it away.? So why to I write about this? Not really sure other than it bothers me that no one can do something original, and that for a lot of companies its just a marketing scheme. They are making money just like any other sale or promotion that they run. It just made me laugh this morning as I was checking my email and saw promotions from online merchants offering their ?employee pricing? too. I guess we all like to follow everyone else, it's easier that way."