Alright, let's make this quick and painless. It sounds like giant job to order all the hardware for your new home right? Well, why not make it fun and easy? It can be really fun to pick choose from all the styles and designs of hardware out there. Enjoy that! But sometimes it can be such and overwhelming task, like knowing exactly what you need for this or that and trying to remember what you need here or there. Baby steps, lets just take baby steps. Lets start with the closets. There are different kinds of closet doors, like double closet doors, sliding closet doors, pocket doors, or just your regular coat closet door.

Double Closet Doors

Double closet doors are the ones side by side that open out towards you. With this style of closet, it's usually just pulled open, and there is not turning door know involved. That's where dummy door knobs come in. I am sure you probably head of them, but if you haven't dummy door knobs are simply surface mounted door knobs that are stationary. They do not move, which makes them more like pulls. Some dummy door knobs are sold as single dummies, which only include one knob for one side of the door, or there are double dummies which include 2 dummy knobs for each side of the door or you could also use the double dummy door knobs for your double closet and just mount both on the front sides of each door and they would be blank on the inside. That's your choice, if you would like to have door knobs on the inside as well, order another set. You will also most likely need something to hold your closet doors in place when shut, like ball catches. Ball catches are mounted on the top of the door recessed in a hole drilled on the top surface. A strike plate is mounted on the door jamb above where the spring loaded ball will catch and hold the door in place. A simple tug will release the catch. What to order:
  • Find the door knobs/levers that you like and under function you can order the double dummy or the single dummy. These will come with the mounting screws.
  • Maybe a door stop or 2, depending on where your doors open. The most popular are probably these or these.

Sliding Doors/Pocket Doors

Sliding and Pocket doors both slide on that mechanism on the top of the door jam. This mechanism we don't have available on our site. We do however have the rest of the hardware you will need. The flush pulls is what you will want for the sliding doors. Flush pulls are pulls that are flush with the door, these will not protrude from the door. Makes it easy to slide the double sliding doors without them hitting each other. It's just a matter of choosing the style. For pocket doors, I would recommend the actual pocket door hardware, because these are made so when the door is all the way in the wall, there is a little handle on the side so you are able to pull it out again. If this is for a closet door, I would go with the passage pocket door hardware, rather than the privacy (privacy locking, generally used on bathroom doors to lock for privacy.). What to order:

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are similar to the sliding and pocket doors, all have that sliding mechanism. The difference is that the Bifold doors kind of fold up and its easy to pinch a finger. These actually have their own little door pulls called Bi-Fold Door Pulls, hey what do you know? What to order:

Single Closet Door

Okay, I think we made it to the last stretch of the closet styles! Single closet doors you may see right when you walk in to your house, you know... the coat closet? These types of closets are so common they could be all over the house. You just need to determine if you would like it to be an actual turning door knob type closet (aka passage door), or the kind you need to order a ball catch like the double closet doors. So once you figured that out... What to order:
  • For a passage closet door - 1 Passage door knob
  • For a pull closet door - 1 Dummy door knob, 1 ball catch.
  • Maybe 1 door stop, again, depending on where your door opens.
Don't forget your hinges! Now your closets are covered! Mark that off your list. Check!