There are new styles of Pocket door coming out all the time! I feel like I can barley keep up! After this post, we put new pocket door hardware on the site that allow you to install the hardware on a regular standard bore prep door (check this post,or you can also check here for round style pocket door hardware). We get a lot of questions about hardware for double pocket doors. Lots of times you only have a single pocket door and then you can order your basic pocket door hardware (like the ones I have mentioned above) and it's all good. You can order that same basic pocket door hardware for the double pocket doors, but just know you won't be able to lock them together - they aren't made for that.


Then comes in the Emtek Pocket Door Mortise Lock.


So if you are looking for pocket door hardware, for double pocket doors, that can lock in place together, this is where you would go! So if you are ready this is what you would need to order: First, you'd order yourself either a privacy or keyed function (like the one shown above - the privacy function will not have the keyed cylinder like this one shows) for one of your double pocket doors. And second, you will also need to order a dummy function lock, which has nothing on the edge of the door that allows you to install the strike plate for the active side on the edge of the inactive side, so when the doors are closed they can be locked together.

Side view and inside view Side view and inside view

You can order this Emtek Pocket Door Mortise lock in 5 different finishes, such as Polished Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, Medium Bronze, and Silver Patina. This pocket door lock is not just for double pocket doors - it works just as great on a single pocket door! Available In Keyed Entrance, Passage, Privacy and Dummy functions.