When you need better privacy in your home or business, privacy locks are the way to go. While they aren't used for security on exterior doors, privacy locks are commonly found installed on interior doors for bathrooms and bedrooms to give those inside peace of mind. Here's why you need these in your home or business.

Privacy Locks and Why You Need Them

By definition, privacy locks are locksets that can be locked by a button or a turn piece on the inside with no key function. There are 3 types of privacy locks: turn button, privacy pushpin/button lock, and privacy bolt with a lever or knob. Some home or business owners prefer door knobs, whereas other choose the look of door levers. This is entirely based on preference, as the privacy locks operate the same way with any type.

When you're installing new locksets on your interior doors to your home's bedrooms and bathrooms, these are highly recommended. Because they lock, they'll give your family and house guest the privacy they need when changing clothes, sleeping, using the restroom, and other things that require a closed door. The last thing you want is for someone to walk in on another when they're using the bathroom or taking a shower! Worried about little ones messing with them? In general, privacy locks feature an emergency entry hole located on the outside of the lock. This allows for easy access to the room when necessary. Just insert a hair pin, small flat head screw driver, or other tools to unlock it.

Privacy locks are also a must for public businesses, hotels, schools, and other locations. Your restrooms undoubtedly need them, so your guests, customers, or students feel comfortable and safe when using them. Privacy locks are also useful in areas like where customers will be trying on your clothing or using your tanning beds. All in all, privacy locks are an essential for personal privacy.

You can find great privacy locks from top brands like Kwikset, Schlage, Weiser, Omnia, Baldwin, Weiser, and Emtek. At Direct Door Hardware, we offer a variety of privacy locks to choose from.