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Weslock 600 Series Impresa Doorknob

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Weslock 600 Series Impresa Doorknob
Weslock Impresa Door Knob

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Weslock Impresa Doorknob Specifications

The impresa knob is a great looking door knob. It is round from the front and a squashedround knob from the side. This is not an egg shaped door knob. Weslock's Impresa door knob is a great quality knob for the price. Much like other doorknobs in this price range the impresa knob is a zinc die cast formed and hollow construction. However, Weslock doorknobs come with a heavier latch mechanism and internal components generally found in more expensive door hardware. This heavier latch provides a good quality, smooth and dependable operation at a great price. If you're looking for the best 'bang for your buck' the impresa door knob might just be the answer.

- Limited Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
- PVD Lifetime finish on exterior Polished Brass keylock function
- Removable levers prevent scratching during installation
- 5-Pin Cylinder
- Meets ANSI A 156.2 Grade II cylindrical lock standards.
- Locksets have concealed screws, which are covered by a snap-on rosette
- Panic-Proof Keylocks - one turn of interior lever unlocks and opens door
- Adjustable Latches with removable latch faceplate
- 2 3/8" or 2 3/4"
- Fits doors from 1 3/8" - 1 3/4" thick.

black impresa door knob oil rubbed bronze impresa knob weathered pewter impresa knob polished chrome impresa knob
Black Oil Rubbed Bronze Weathered Pewter Polished Chrome
polished brass impresa door knob antique brass impresa door knob satin chrome impresa door knob satin nickel impresa door knob
Polished Brass Antique Brass Satin Chrome Satin Nickel

In the Box

Whats Included in Your Weslock Impresa Knob

Passage Door Knob Contents
A knob for both sides of the door, latch mechanism, strike plates and mounting screws.

Privacy Door Knob Contents
Knobs for both sides of the door, latch mechanism, generic unlocking tool, strike plates and mounting screws.

Keyed Entrance Door Knob Contents
Knobs for both sides of the door, latch mechanism, keys, strike plates and mounting screws. If you have several keyed locks keyed alike, there may not be a key for every lock shipped.

Single Dummy Doorknob
A single non functioning knob and mounting screw


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Weslock Impresa Door Knob Functions

Weslock door knobs are available in several functions. Please review the descriptions below so you can order the correct door knob for your application.

Passage Door Knob Function Weslock Passage or Hall and Closet Doorknobs are used on doors that do not require a locking mechanism. Halls, closets, pantry or laundry doors will generally use a passage knobset. Passage knobs do not have a locking mechanism.

Privacy Door Knob Function Weslock Privacy or Bed and Bath Door Knobs are most often used on Bedrooms, Baths or Office doors where a lock for privacy while occupied is desired, but a keyed lock is not really necessary. Weslock privacy knobs have a Push button on the rosette or backplate as shown to the left to activate the lock. On the outside, there is a pin hole for emergency unlocking. Some knobs will have a pin hole inside a circular piece, some just have a small pinhole.

Keyed Entrance Door Knob Function Weslock Keyed Entrance Door Knobs are generally used on exterior doors, but sometimes used on interior doors where security is a concern. Weslock keyed entrance knobs have a push button lock on the inside backplate, similar to a privacy lock. On the outside there is a keyed cylinder. If the knob is locked from the inside a key is required for entrance. If you are ordering several keyed locks of the same brand we can key them alike for you.

Single Dummy Door Knob Function Weslock Single Dummy Doorknobs are sold individually. Dummy knobs do not have a latch or mechanism of any kind. These knobs are surface mounted to a door that has not been bored (large hole cut out) for a doorknob. Dummy knobs are generally used on double doors that us a ball catch at the top to keep them closed so a latch is not required. They are also commonly found on the inactive side of a french door - a single dummy monted on either side of the inactive door.


Weslock 300 Series Double Cylinder Deadbolt Measurements

Weslock 300 Series Double Cylinder Deadbolt Measurements

Weslock door hardware products are covered as long as the original purchaser owns or occupies the premises on which the product was installed. For complete warranty information see Weslock Warranty.


Weslock Impresa Door Knob Measurements

Weslock Impresa Door Knob Measurements

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
dependable hardware
I just replaced the original hardware with this same model number. It is a great product that was easy to install.The original gave us twenty years of great service.
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Reviewed by:  from Sonoma, Ca.. on 1/21/2016
4 Stars
Weathered pewter doorknob
We have order a few of these door knobs to go along with our kitchen remodel. Overall, I am very happy with the knobs. I feel like the color was true to the description so there were no surprises when we received them. One knob fails to lock in and we are repeatedly putting it back on. Luckily, it's a door we don't use much, so we are not overly frustrated by it. I would recommend this knob.
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from St. Louis, MO. on 9/25/2014
5 Stars
Great quality
The quality was excellent compared to my 20-year-old builder's specials. All parts were made of a high gauge metal, no plastic. The antique metal finish was a little shiny, but was not so noticeable once installed. One out of 7 sets had the wrong finish on the strike plate and side piece, but each set had both square and round cornered versions, so I was able to substitute from another set. Installation was relatively easy and they look great!
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Alexandria, VA. on 8/14/2012
5 Stars
Stylish & Functional Knobs
We bought these knobs and put them throughout the entire house, we love them and have been pleased with the quality. They are a really simple design that seems timeless. I'd say they are darker than they appear in the photo, but the sales rep told me they would come that way and that over time and with use the edges will have a little bronze show through like in the photo. All in all we feel we got a good deal.
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Dallas, TX. on 6/24/2010
5 Stars
Great knobs for the money
we've really liked these knobs so far. They were a great deal for the money and compared to other locks we have had I think the mechanism is a great design. Rather than have a turn button on the knob, these have a push button on the backplate that releases when you turn the knob from the inside. I like the button on the rosette too because it maintains a really simple clean look on the knob. All in all a good buy.
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from UT. on 1/29/2010
1 Stars
Small & cheap
I ordered three of these doorknobs and the corresponding deadbolts. I do not like them at all. The locking mechanism on the inside is a push button that is located behind the knob, but it is basically the rounded head of a screw that sticks out about 3/4 inches from the back plate, and when you turn the doorknob you scrape your fingers on it. (see photo). The knob barely turns to retract the latch, and I'm afraid that I'm going to wrench the doorknob off trying to open the door. The size of the knob is also very small. My old doorknobs lasted 27 years. I'm guessing I'll be ordering replacements for these in a couple of years, as they don't seem to be very durable. Also, the keys are made of very cheap metal, and one of my deadbolts is hard to turn, so I'm sure we're going to break the key off in the lock. I reinstalled that deadbolt three times, and the only way to get it to turn easily is to not tighten the screws all the way, but then I'm afraid the deadbolt will wobble and come loose. Bottom line -- I would NOT recommend these items unless you're putting them on a cheap shed or a playhouse or something.
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Virginia. on 9/24/2023
5 Stars
I purchased privacy locksets to replace passage units that are 30 years old. The originals were made in USA. The replacements were made in China. Quality is good and they swap out perfectly. The only nitpicky item of mention is that the privacy button is different. The new units have a button with rounded top; the old ones (still have a few doors with them) have a flat top. If that feature bugs you, take heed. It's impressive to find that the 600 series is still available. Good stuff! Customer service at Direct Door Hardware is outstanding. They live up to their reputation throughout the sale, and I recommend them often.
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from CA. on 6/17/2022

[productqa_] Questions and Answers

Question How does the privacy knob lock and unlock from the outside? I am looking for privacy locks WITHOUT HOLES in the middle of the doorknob.
Asked by: Francine - 12/13/2015
Question The knob itself will not have the safety release hole on the exterior. The exterior rosette of this knob is where the release hole will be located. Answer provided by:  Jake L (12/14/2015)
Question Does this knob set come with both face plate options (round & square) and drive-in latch? If not, how do I order with the drive-in latch for the weslock Impresa passage door knob?
Asked by: Bryan - 2/22/2018
Question This knobset does come with the round and square corner strike and faceplates. The drive-in latch is not included, but can be ordered. Please call to place your order Answer provided by:  Josh (2/22/2018)
Question Is the dummy handle suitable for pantry doors? How do they attach?
Asked by: Larry - 10/9/2019
Question Hi Larry, most dummy knobs and levers are surface mounted on the door. If you have a bore hole already in your door, that wouldn't work. Since I don't know anything about your pantry door, I'm not sure if it has a bore hole or ball catches or is double swinging, etc. If you want the door to shut and latch in the jamb, you would use a normal passage set. If you have another closing or shutting mechanism and only want something to hold onto to open the door, dummy knobs would work. Lastly, if you have a bore hole in your door, but don't need or want it to latch shut with a standard door latch, you can install a passage set through the bore hole but just don't install the latch part of the hardware. I hope this answers your questions. for further information or help ordering, please give us a call 307-886-9449 Answer provided by:  Zach (10/9/2019)
Question I have a bathroom privacy knob and these are impossible to unlock from the outside. Pushing in doesn’t work and trying to catch the “key’ on something to unlock by pushing down doesn’t work either. What’s the trick?
Asked by: SS - 9/5/2023
Question Hi Jake,
These have a pin hole on the rosette on the exterior. You use a generic unlocking tool, or a paper clip, something of that sort to unlock (depress the mechanism) inside that pin hole. Answer provided by:  Jake (9/6/2023)
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