width= The Weiser Troy door knob is a good choice for you if you want a doorknob with just a little more accent.  The flattened round shape of this knob has been very popular.  We have seen lots of people purchasing similar knobs for the unique styling.  There is something that just feels better when you grab a flattened knob.  It fits in your hand better. The Troy doorknob comes in a selection of 7 finishes.  There are 4 functions that you can choose from, as well.  The key difference between this knob and the rest of the doorknobs we have on the site is an embossing that runs around the edge of the knob.  It gives a slight highlighting design that has been turning lots of heads.   This door is designed with an adjustable backset that works with almost any door.  Check out this knob and all our other classics brought to you by Weiser.