If you’re looking for a visually pleasing way to decorate your front door, handlesets are a great solution. First, you’ll want to pick the type of handleset you want, and from there, you can choose the design. We offer a wide variety of types, designs, and finishes of handlesets that you can choose from, meaning you’ll never be at a loss when looking for the right kind for your door. Read on to get the information you need before selecting the perfect handleset for you.
Types of Door Handlesets
We offer four major types of handlesets: double-sided, two-point, mortise lock handles, and emergency egress, also known as interconnect.
1. Double-sided handlesets have also been identified as grip-by-grip handlesets; they come with a grip that can be found on both the inside and outside of your door. The double-sided handlesets are largely uncommon but are a great look for most doors.
2. Two-point locks are effective in providing extra security, because, as the name suggests, the type employs two locks for your door. This is a great choice if you want extra security, but the addition of the second lock implies the necessity of a second key, which may seem in excess for some.
3. Mortise lock handles are a unique and beautiful handleset that is stylized to match a variety of classic architectural looks. However, these handlesets require specific lockboxes that may not fit in most common doors.
4. The emergency egress, or interconnect, handlesets are convenient in that when the lever is pulled from the inside handle, the deadbolt and lever latch will automatically unlock. While some may find this useful in their home, it is more often used for and associated with commercial hospitals, apartments, or group homes.
Door Handleset Styles
There are three styles of handlesets of which these types can be designed: one piece (monolithic), two-piece (sectional), and full plate (full length). The one-piece style of handlesets feature a design where the keyhole, thumb latch, and top of the handle are all connected on one piece. By comparison, the two-piece style has a keyhole that resides on a second, separate plate from the thumb latch and handle. The full plate style handleset places the keyhole, thumb latch, and handle all on the same plate. Mix and match handleset types, styles, and finishes to create the best-looking and most comfortable handle for your front door.
No matter what kind of handleset you’re looking for, Direct Door Hardware has you covered. Please feel free to contact us about any of our products, and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.