I love when I find a great looking something or other and I can picture having one of my very own. This is usually when I am dreaming of my new home and can pick whatever style of hardware, furniture, light fixtures, appliances... you get the idea. So this great looking something that I found is from Linnea and it goes on a door. Any ideas of what that might be? If you guessed door knob, you are on the right track. I found a door lever! All of Linnea's door levers are super unique and original, but there is one I really really like and can picture on every one of my doors. This one is really unique. Maybe not an obvious unique, because it's a pretty simple style, but really it's very unique. It's such a simple design, you may not see the most unique part at first, but let me show you why it's so unique. This is one of the reasons why I like this lever so much.  

It's called the Linnea LL-25

You can choose between either a round rosette, or a square rosette.

 width= width=   It's a pretty simple look (a pretty perfectly simple). If you look really close... did you notice how much smaller the rosettes are than a standard lever would have?    width=   This may be a deal breaker for some, because this lever (as well as any of Linnea levers from the Pristine Collection) requires special door preparation. Now a standard door lever requires what they call standard door preparation - 2 1/8" diameter bore, where the Linnea LL-25 lever requires special door preparation with only a 1"" diameter bore. The 1"" diameter bore prep is not commonly found, but if you are dying to have this look, you might just have to have all your door specially prepped to fit this style.   Another great touch to add to this lever would be a Linnea Privacy Bolt added above.

You could go with a Round Privacy Bolt or a Square Privacy Bolt, like this one here...