We just want to express how grateful we are to have all of our customers out there. You are all so great and help keep us going strong. We know that without all of you, not one of us at Direct Door Hardware would still be here, so a big big thank you! When we receive all the positive emails, polite and upbeat phone calls, and the gracious reviews about our customer service €“ it makes our day and we want to improve even more for all of you. We appreciate the insightful comments on what we need to do to improve, these comments are just as important to us as all the rest. Thank you all so much for taking time out of your day to do these things, it really does help us to know how we are doing and it is important to us that we are doing our best for you. We are grateful for all of the super friendly customers that call in and make it so comfortable and easy for us to chat with about anything door hardware related or not, it makes our day more interesting and fun. We cannot begin to tell you how great it is to hear that customers have been referred to our websites from friends, and family who have enjoyed their experience with us and hope that continues. Not only do we appreciate more business, but it gives us confidence that we did a good job in helping you and others who have visited Direct Door Hardware. We know that sometimes the orders don€™t always come out perfect, but thank you to all of those being so patient and letting us fix our mistake and make it right. We want you to know that the customer always comes first in our eyes and we will do everything to the best of our ability to make sure the Direct Door Hardware experience is a great one.   Thanks a Million, Direct Door Hardware Staff